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·         Notify Animal Control at 815-432-4919

·         Post flyers in neighborhoods and local businesses    

·         Contact neighbors,mail carriers, local newspapers and radio stations          

·         Contact your Microchip Company





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Licenses are required for all dogs over three months of age and are available year round.  Spayed/Neuter is not required to license your dog.  Dog licenses must match the effective dates or your dog’s rabies vaccination.



Reasons for Licensing:

·         Excellent identification. It is your pet's ticket back home. It allows us to notify you when your lost pet is found.

·       It ensures that your dog is rabies vaccinated.

·       Provides proof that the dog legally belongs to you.

·       It is the LAW.





     One Year


     Three Year






     One Year


     Three Year




Puppy  (3 months to 1 Year)



Where to License:

·         If your veterinarian is Dr. Jo’s or Animal Medical Center of Gilman, you will pay at your veternarians office when you bring your pet for his/her rabies vaccine.  The veterinarian’s office will give you your pet’s license tag and send the payment and tag number information to the County for you. 

·         If you veternarian is outside the County, once your pet is vaccinated:

o   Go to the My Account page on this site to renew your license  or

o   Mail your license fee along with a copy of your rabies certificate to “Iroquois County Animal Control” at 1001 E Grant Street   Watseka, IL  60970   or

o   Bring your rabies certificate to the Iroquois County Treasurer’s office and pay your license fee at the fee counter



1.       I already paid my veterinarian for a rabies vaccine.  Why do I also need to pay Iroquois County for a license/registration fee?

·         The State if Illinois requires all Counties to register dogs to ensure all are vaccinated. This is to ensure we are preventing the spread of rabies.


2.        I only want to buy a one year registration – why am I required to buy a three year registration?

·         The length of your registration has to match the effective dates of your pet’s rabies certificate.  Remember that the intent of the registration is to ensure your pet is vaccinated against rabies, so these two need to match.


3.       Who do I call to report a dog running at large?

·         Animal Control at 815-432-4919

·         If you live within village limits of any city/village other than Onarga, call your local mayor, police or trustee.  They will authorize Iroquois County Animal Control to pick up the dog.


4.       What if I see an animal being abused?

·         Animal Control is responsible for investigating suspected animal abuse, contact us at 815-432-4919.


5.        What do I do if I am bit by an animal?

·         Seek medical attention for yourself immediately and quarantine the animal, if possible.

·         Report the animal to Animal Control at 815-432-4919.  The animal will need to be quarantined and an investigation must occur by State Statute.


6.       I received a registration renewal notice, but my dog passed away/I moved/gave the dog away this year.  What do I do?

·         Complete the bottom of the form with the date you no longer own the dog, sign and date the form and it to Iroquois County Animal Control  1001 E Grant  Watseka, IL  60970 or e-mail to


7.        Why do I have to pay more if my dog is not spayed or neutered?

·         This is by State law (510 ILCS 5/) that requires a minimum increase of $10 per year be charged for unaltered dogs and this amount be put into a separate fund to pay for spay/neutering of adopted dogs or dogs for low income families.


8.       May I own a pot-bellied pig or other exotic animal within the County?

·         Animal Control has restriction on types of animals that can be kept.  Before acquiring any animal other than a dog or a cat, be sure to call Animal Control at 815-432-4919 to ensure you can legally keep the animal in your jurisdiction.  Generall speaking , the following are illegal:

·   All poisonous snakes and reptiles including alligators and similar animals

·   All primates

·   All bears

·   All wild or exotic cats including hybrids

·   All wild canines and and hybrids such as wolf crosses

·   All wild native and exotic animals such as raccoons, skunks, otters, oppossums, bats, deer and antelope


9.       What if I have a problem with a wild animal on my property?

·         If the animal is healthy, leave it alone.

·         If you have a question about a wild animal, call the Illinois Department of Natural Resources at 217-784-4730

·         If the wild animal is a nuisance in the attic or crawlspace, there are private businesses you may contact to assist you in removal.


10.   What  type of calls do the Watseka Police handle? 

·         The Watseka Police Department will respond to reports of stray animals, animal bites, animal abuse or inquiries of any other animal related issues.  Please call the Watseka Police Department non-emergency number at 815-432-4918.  It it is an emergency and requires immediate attention, call 911.



Iroquois County Animal Control



Located at:                                                                                   

702 N Jefferson Street

Watseka, IL 60970


Animal Control:           (815) 432-4919





Hours of operation


Shelter Center hours

Monday thru Friday

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.





We are also closed on major holidays



For after-hours emergencies, contact Animal Control at 815-432-4919.


Important links related to animal services


·        Iroquois County Animal Control Ordinance

·        Illinois State Statute Animal Control Act




Please note:  Iroquois County Animal Control serves the unincorporated areas of the county in regards to stray domestic animals, nusiance violations, and neglect/cruelty investigations.


We have intergovernmental agreements with all villages in the County except for Onarga.  In Onarga, you must contact your local animal control officer.  For all other villages/cities in the County, we must have approval from your village/city mayor, police or trustee in order to pick up a dog.


By Illinois state statute the Animal Control department oversees Rabies Prevention to the entire County which involves issuance of rabies tags and bite investigation.






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Step 1 - Vaccination status
To purchase a license, the pet must be currently vaccinated to protect it from rabies infection. This must be verifiable with a Certificate of Rabies Vaccination from a registered veterinarian.

Yes or no

Step 2 - Sterilization
Sterilization (spay or neuter) is not required to purchase a license. However, there is a price discount if the pet is sterilized.

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Step 3 - Submit

This text is the terms that a pet owner must accept to proceed with purchasing a license.

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